Introduction to Canespro® - a different treatment option for fungal nail infections

No other topical fungal nail treatment works faster.

Canespro® is a Class IIa medical device, intended for use in mild-to-moderate fungal nail infections (i.e. when less than 50% of the visible nail is affected and the matrix area is not involved).9

Canespro® works differently to other currently available topical fungal nail treatments:

  • Formulation - The 40% urea ointment selectively softens the infected part of the nail on contact, allowing for removal of the infected part of the nail, leaving the non-infected parts intact
  • Fast Acting - Canespro® works in just 2-3 weeks making it a suitable option for patients with mild-to-moderate fungal nail infection who desire quick treatment of their fungal nail infection

Canespro® is clinically proven, demonstrating overall cure rates of 42.2% (n=125) and clinical cure rates of 82.8% (n=245) 2 weeks post treatment completion* (Follow-up with an antifungal cream may increase overall cure rates, however this is not sustained in the longer‑term).9

Each pack of Canespro® contains a 10g tube of 40% urea ointment, 22 single-use plasters and one plastic tool; sufficient for treatment of two small nails or one big toenail.

Canespro - Pack contents

Canespro® is now available to prescribe

Click here to download the Canespro® monograph

NHS price : £18.74
* In a double‑blind, randomised, placebo‑controlled multicentre study of 692 patients with mild‑to‑moderate fungal nail infection

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